Jacobs Journal of Food and Nutrition

Grapes Likeliness in Reference to Nitrite in the Urine

Published on: 2019-06-15


The main goal of this project is to check the relation between grapes likeliness and nitrite in the urine. Overall 100 subjects contributed in this project. A questionnaire form was made and provided to each participant. Their answer was written in the form and take out calculation from that data. Nitrite is produced by the bacterial action on the nitrogen waste and this nitrite appears in the urine. This nitrite in the urine is because of urinary tract infection. Urinalysis is used to check the nitrites in the urine. It used the dipsticks. First of all, we asked the participants to collect the urine in the sterile cup then immersed the dipstick in the urine and left for 2 to 3 second. After dipping 2 to 3 seconds then took out dipstick from urine sample and arid in the open air then checked that dipsticks with standard normal parameter. The conclusion obtained from this result is that there is significant relation between grapes likeliness and nitrite in the urine.


Nitrituria; Liking of grapes; Urine sample; Antioxidants; UTI