Jacobs Journal of Food and Nutrition

High Serum Lycopene Concentration Decreases Mortality of Adults Aged 45 years or Older

Published on: 2015-04-06


Background Lycopene is a vegetable and fruit antioxidant that has ubiquitous health benefits. This study used public use National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III) data to investigate if high plasma lycopene concentration reduced mortality in adults. Patients and Methods NHANES III complex probabilistic household adult, laboratory and mortality data were merged. Specialized survey analysis software was used. Plasma lycopene concentration was analyzed with potential demographic, socioeconomic and health status cofounders. Results The significant univariabes were: age, plasma lycopene concentration (LYPSI), poverty income ratios (DMPPIR), and drinking hard liquor. After multivariate analysis limited to sample persons 45 years or older, the predictors remained significant after adjustment were: age, LYPSI, Mexican American race and DMPPIR. Conclusion Serum lycopene was associated with 88% risk reduction in all cause mortality in adults 45 years or older. Including lycopene rich products in diets may be beneficial for middle and older aged adults.


NHANES III; Serum Lycopene; All Cause Mortality; adults; Older Than 45 years