Jacobs Journal of Food and Nutrition

Preserving Quality and Nutrient Value of Blackberries by Essential Oil Wash and Vapor Treatments

Published on: 2019-07-29


Blackberries have a short life as they are highly susceptible to contamination of spoilage microorganisms. In this study, two essential oils were used to treat fresh blackberries for the extension of shelf-life. The application methods of essential oils on blackberries that were evaluated included: (1) Carvacrol (COL) used as a wash solution, (2) ally isothiocyanate (AIT) used as a vapor, and (3) COL wash followed by AIT vapor treatment (COL+AIT) was also investigated. The survival of total bacterial populations, yeast and mold populations, respiration rate, and quality and nutrient changes were determined during 12 d storage at 10° C. The washing treatment reduced microbial loads by 2 logs initially but could not inhibit their outgrowth during storage, while AIT vapor treatment and the combination of COL wash and AIT vapor treatment completely inhibited the growth of bacteria and mold and yeast. AIT vapor alone or in combination with COL wash significantly reduced the respiration rate of blackberries, hence, maintaining the quality and nutritional values through 12 d storage. The results suggest that the combination of COL washing and AIT vapor is not necessary and AIT vapor treatment alone appears to be very promising for extending the shelf-life of blackberries.


Blackberries; Quality; Nutrition; Essential oils; Wash; Vapor