Jacobs Journal of Food and Nutrition

Risk Assessment of Biogenic Amines of Chinses Commercial Soy Sauce on Human Being via High-Liquid Performance Chromatography

Published on: 2019-05-30


Biogenic amines are basic nitrogenous compounds formed by decarboxylation of amino acids. Commonly they are present in all types of food and fermented soy sauce is a one common source of them. They have important role in hormone and protein synthesis but food containing high concentration of biogenic amines may have adverse effects. In the current study we investigated the toxicological effects of biogenic amines on human health found in chinses soy sauce by high-performance liquid chromatography. The levels of biogenic amines were investigated by using 50 samples of commercially available chinses soy sauce by HPLC with the spectrometric UV-via 254 nm using gradient elution. In this study, eight biogenic amines were detected. The concentration of biogenic amines was 3.67 g/L range from the 0.08 g/L to 16.10 g/L. The pH of the soy sauce samples was 4.28 and 5.43, and the salt levels in these samples were 10.21 g/100 mL and 21.68 g/100 mL.The contents of amino nitrogen and formaldehyde-reactive nitrogen-nitrogen were 1.00-2.55 g/L and 5.71-18.44 g/L, respectively. The amino nitrogen was observed high in samples. Therefore, it is significant to analyze the biogenic amine in soy sauce to assure their safety and prevention for human being consumption.


Biogenic amines; Soy sauce; HPLC; Human; Risk assessment