Jacobs Journal of Genetics

Efficacy of Trichoderma Harzianum Formulations against Seedling Disease of Barley Caused By Sclerotium Rolfsii

Published on: 2019-05-03


The efficacy of formulated Trichoderma harzianum based Tricho-compost, seed treatment with Trichoderma spore suspension Trichoderma inocula and chemical fungicide Provax 200 WP were tested against seedling disease of barley caused by soil borne pathogen Sclerotium rolfsii in the research field of Plant Pathology Division, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh during 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16. Tricho-composts were prepared with mixed substrates of cow dung, rice bran and poultry refuse colonized by T. harzianum. The results exhibited that seedling mortality of barley was significantly reduced by the Tricho-compost, Trichoderma inocula and Provax 200 WP in all the years. The yield of barley was sharply increased over control due to the T. harzianum formulations and Provax 200 WP. Among the treatments, application of Tricho-compost was found more efficient in the reduction of seedling mortality and acceleration of plant growth with increased yield of barley under S. rolfsii inoculated field experiments in Bangladesh. Seed treatment with Provax 200 WP and Trichoderma inocula also showed promising in reduction of seedling mortality and increasing plant growth and yield of barley.


Barley; Provax 200 WP; Sclerotium roflsii; Seedling disease; Tricho-compost; Trichoderma inocula