Jacobs Journal of Internal Medicine

An Unusual Case of Salmonella UTI in a Male Teen

Published on: 2017-07-31


Nontyphoid Salmonella (NTS) is the leading bacterial cause of gastrointestinal infection globally and in the US. More than 90% of NTS infections are foodborne. NTS mostly causes acute self-limited colitis; bacteremia may develop in hosts with predisposing factors or with certain invasive serovars; focal disease may ensue due to immunosuppression and/or structural defects. Hydration is usually sufficient for colitis. Antibiotics are reserved for those who are immunocompromised, bacteremic, or at risk for severe focal disease. We will share an unusual case of NTS urinary tract infection in an apparently healthy male teen, and our reflections on the universal, diverse, and potentially fatal NTS infection.