Jacobs Journal of Internal Medicine

Interferon Side Effects: When Somatization Betrays You - A Case Report

Published on: 2015-09-16


Neuropsychiatric symptoms are widely reported in association with both hepatitis C and IFNα treatment its sequelae, and its treatment. In particular, interferon, a primary component of treatment for chronic hepatitis C, has been strongly associated with depressive symptoms. This review summarizes current knowledge about the etiology, course, and treatment of neuropsychiatric problems associated with hepatitis C and interferon alpha (IFN-alpha and lead to discontinuation of interferon in up to 13% of cases. When on interferon treatment, cognitive, affective and behavioral symptoms are not easily distinguished from each other or from depression mechanism, course, and treatment of neuropsychiatric problems associated with interferon alfa (IFN-alpha. The challenge is even higher if in somatoform cases. We describe a case of somatoform disorder while on classic therapy for hepatitis C and discuss the management of the patient main complaints and evolution.


Interferon; side Effects; Somatization; Hepatitis C Virus