Jacobs Journal of Internal Medicine

The Music as a Therapy Integrated to Palliative Care of Patients with Cancer

Published on: 2016-05-26


The purpose of this paper is to show benefits of listening music and music therapy in supportive cancer care. Cancer is a chronic disease that has many complications such as vomiting, pain, anorexia and fear of death. Cancer also effects the patients’ social, economic and physical life. Music therapy is an alternative supplementary treatment for cancer patients. There are many benefits of music therapy. It can be used to reduce the pain, decrease stress level and improve mood. Therefore music therapy can be used to promote wellness, enhance communication, and facilitate personal development. Although there is evidence that music therapy is effective in reducing cancer’s adverse outcomes, extend of these interventions is unknown. If we consider music therapy as an additional therapy, it should be integrated into the psycho-oncology. We discuss the positive effects of music therapy in cancer patients to use it as a non-pharmacological treatment for promoting wellness and quality of life.


Music Therapy; Palliative Care; Cancer