Jacobs Journal of Internal Medicine

The Systems Biology Oriented, Holistic Vision of Personalized Medicine and The Emerging Concept of Proactive Herbal Medicine

Published on: 2016-10-10


Application of –omics is rapidly growing in the clinic, providing a large number of clinically actionable information for clinical decisions. With new ability to analyze risk factors, a proactive, preventative and pre-emptive strategy may be used to sustain the individual’s health balance and proactively “normalize” pathogenetic dysfunctions, before a disease condition develops. This shift from a disease-oriented, reactive medical approach, to one that includes wellness-oriented proactivity is a potential game changer in many aspects of clinical practice. Interestingly, traditional medicines possess a deep knowledge on preventative strategies and collectively represent today one of the largest experience based knowledge in prevention. This knowledge should be exploited using a patient centered Evidence Based Medicine approach so that herbal drugs and dietary interventions can have a central role in the emerging wellness oriented, proactive approach to health of Personalized and Precision Medicine. The advances of systems medicine, as well as -omic diagnostic techniques, or “diagnostic-omics”, are now providing formidable new strategies and tools for a guided and assisted use of phytocomplexes, which could provide pro-active strategies for disease prevention.


Holistic Vision; Medicine; Proactive Herbal Medicine