Jacobs Journal of Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology

Editorial Board

Jagat Kanwar

Deakin University, AUSTRALIA

Department of Nanomedicine
Deakin University

Arvydas Tamulis

Vilnius University, LITHUANIA

Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy

Stefano Cardea

University Of Salerno, ITALY

Research Scientist
Department of Industrial Engineering

Robert A Lodder

University Of Kentucky, UNITED STATES

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Mark Slevin

Manchester Metropolitan University, UNITED KINGDOM

School of Healthcare Science

Stefano Bellucci

National Laboratory Of Frascati, ITALY

National Laboratory of Frascati

Yue Li

Chinese Academy Of Science, CHINA

Institute of Solid State Physics

Feng Huei Lin

National Taiwan University, TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA

Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Joseph Kremer

Alvernia University, UNITED STATES

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry

Jinju Chen

Newcastle University, UNITED KINGDOM

Senior Lecturer
Department of Biointerface Engineering

M Joyce Nirmala

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras (IIT Madras), INDIA

Research Scientist
Department of Chemical Engineering

Christopher T Whitlow

Wake Forest University, UNITED STATES

Associate Professor
Department of Radiology

Yanlong Tai

King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology, SAUDI ARABIA

Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Material Science

Nivesh K Mittal

University Of Tennessee Health Science Center, UNITED STATES

Research Scientist
Plough Center for Sterile Drug Delivery Solutions

Sara Bonde

University Of Copenhagen, DENMARK

Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology