Jacobs Journal of Nephrology and Urology

Anaemia of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in an 80 Year Old Male

Published on: 2019-04-08


A 80 year old gentleman was referred by his GP to Rapid Medical/Frailty Unit Blaenau and Gwent for ongoing SOB, anaemia, frailty and worsening mobility. The gentleman was known to have anaemia of CKD.The patient explained that since his discharge from hospital on the 21/11/2019 following admission for Acute on chronic SDH and AKI on CKD his SOB and mobility had gradually deteriorated. His son who is his main carer reported that in the last few days his father has become frailer to the extent that now he can’t stand up from the chair without assistance and he is constantly SOB now.


PMH; PPM, Hiatus Hernia, SAH and SDH on Previous CT, Bowel Cancer, Epilepsy, High Cholesterol, CKD, Anaemia