Jacobs Journal of Physical Rehabilitation Medicine

Noise Exposure and Hearing Related Risks for Technical Officials during a Major Badminton Tournament

Published on: 2018-12-04


The aim of the study was to investigate the noise exposure for different technical officials during a major badminton tournament.
Individual noise exposure for technical officials was measured during the 23rd BWF World Championship, 2017 in Glasgow, Scotland during all days of the tournament.
Umpires and on-court-doctors had equivalent noise exposure, when working longer shifts, that exceeded the exposure limit according to the EU 2003/10/EC noise directive. Exposure limits regarding impulse sound was also exceeded during several work shifts during the tournament.
Technical officials are exposed to noise levels that exceed current occupational health leg-islation within the EU, and may therefore be at risk of developing hearing related disorders. It is of high importance for the organizers of sports events to reduce the noise exposure for the technical officials by scheduling shorter work periods, but also by providing individual hearing protectors.


noise, hearing loss, badminton, technical officials