Jacobs Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioural Science

Assessment of Prevalence of Mental Distress and Associated Factors among Debre Markos University Regular Undergraduate Students, Debre Markos, Ethiopia

Published on: 2019-04-25


Background: Significant proportion of the world’s population is affected by mental distress of which tertiary education students are the once. According to WHO mental health problems account to nearly one-third of disability in the world. Objectives: Methods: To assess the prevalence of mental distress among Debre Markos University regular undergraduate students. Cross sectional descriptive study design was conducted. Data was collected from May 05 to 07/2015.Atotal of 422 students was selected for self-administered questionnaire from DMU regular under graduate students. All colleges and school of law were included in the study. Lottery method was employed for selection of departments. The sample size in each college was determined proportionally to size of students in colleges and the sample size in colleges was directly the sample size in selected departments. Each year of study was included in selected departments and sample size in each year of study was determined proportional to size of students from each year of study. Then, systematic random sampling method was employed to select students from each year of study. Based on student’s record in their department, the first student was determined using simple random sampling method. Result: From 402 participants 130 (32.3%) were females. majority of participants 381 (94.8%) were between 18-25 age group, and age of respondents range between 17 to 29 years. three hundred seventy seven of participants (93.8%) were orthodox religious followers and 354 students (88.1%) were single and 353 of participants (87.8%) were Amhara in ethnicity. The prevalence of mental distress was found to be 49.3% from these 135(33.6%) were males and 63(15.7%) were females.


Debre Markos; Mental Distress; Substance Use