Jacobs Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioural Science

How do Affective Temperaments Develop into Bipolar Disorders?

Published on: 2014-03-25


Affective temperaments are considered to be antecedents or sub-syndromal manifestations of bipolar disorders. It is, however, unknown how these temperaments develop into bipolar disorders. We hypothesize that: just before the onset of bipolar disorder, the left medial frontal gyrus (MFG) of cyclothymic and/or hyperthymic healthy subjects may degenerate and shrink in volume concomitantly with its dysfunction, just after the onset of bipolar disorder, this change may involve the right MFG and bilateral anterior cingulate cortex, leading to dysfunction of prefrontal cortex,during the first episode of bipolar disorders, prefrontal dysfunction may involve limbic system, leading to dysfunction of prefrontal-limbic system, and [4] along with recurrences of bipolar disorders, the prefrontal-limbic system dysfunction may progress. On the basis of our neuroimaging findings of affective temperaments, we believe that these hypotheses warrant further investigation.


Affective Temperament; Cyclothymic Temperament; Hyperthymic Temperament; Bipolar Disorder; Voxel-Based Morphometry; Medial Frontal Gyrus; Prefrontal-Limbic Network