Jacobs Journal of Radiation Oncology

Observational study of cone beam CT based Inter-fractional urinary bladder filling variation during IGRT in pelvic malignancies

Published on: 2018-12-17


Organ motion is an important factor that limits the precision of radiation treatment. Bladder filling variation has significant impact on the position of target volumes in pelvic malignancies. This study was an effort to maintain a consistent urinary bladder volume after following a bladder protocol, which was then analysed by in room CBCT imaging. The bladder volumes and bladder wall dimension were analysed comprehensively thus adding considerable understanding to the bladder wall motions. A total number of 26 patients/ 300 scans were analyzed. This study has reached the conclusion that bladder filling protocol is necessary to maintain the consistent bladder volume but it is too preliminary to state that it will translate into reduction of margin.