Jacobs Journal of Radiation Oncology

Database Verification Using Cryptographic Secure Hash Algorithm following Eclipse/Aria Version Upgrade and Database Migration

*Zhigang Xu
Department Of Radiation Oncology, United States

*Corresponding Author:
Zhigang Xu
Department Of Radiation Oncology, United States

Published on: 2018-11-17


Software upgrades of Aria Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Eclipse Treatment Planning System (TPS) require that all data be migrated from one version of the database to another. It is necessary to verify that the data is correctly migrated to assure patient safety. Traditionally Quality Assurance (QA) checks of a patient’s radiation therapy plan and dose information involve printing out treatment parameters of each patient from the Eclipse TPS and Aria EMR system and visually checking the information for one-to-one correspondence. These QA checks performed to detect errors that are introduced during the migration can be time-consuming and inadequate especially in a paperless environment. In this work, we developed an automatic verification method to make sure that patient data has been correctly migrated. The auto verification method utilizes Eclipse Scripting Application Programming Interface (ESAPI), Cryptographic Hash Algorithm SHA-256 and Microsoft Excel. This method was used as part of our software upgrade and database migration from Varian’s Aria/Eclipse 11 to 13. Plan parameters and dose records were verified for 73 active patients in 60 minutes. Compared to manual line-by-line checking, this direct comparison resulted in time savings and reduced potential human errors. The scripts can be integrated into Eclipse or can be run as a stand-alone executable program for a more automated process.


Database migration; Eclipse Scripting Application Programming Interface; Electronic Medical Record


The Aria EMR and Eclipse TPS use a large database running on a networked server to provide treatment plan information for delivery at the linear accelerators and to record the treatment history and other data. When the database is upgraded to a newer version, a database migration is required to map information from the older version to the new one. Maintaining the integrity of the database is of the utmost importance to assure accurate and safe treatment after the migration. The incorrect data or the incorrect operation, use, installation, and maintenance of the EMR can have disastrous consequences, potentially delivering fatal doses of radiation in a very short time [1-3]. Traditionally QA checks after database migration have been done by visually checking the information on a oneto-one correspondence. It is a time-consuming process and sometimes it is inadequate in detecting errors that are introduced during the migration. Hadley et al developed software to compare treatment plans between different versions of the EMR by translating the same plan into an XML schema. A plan comparison module takes the two XML schemas as input and reports any differences in parameters between the two versions of the same plan by applying a schema mapping [4]. The purpose of this work is to develop an automatic verification method by direct comparison of two hash values using ESAPI, SHA-256, and Excel. The method developed here was used in conjunction with an EMR and TPS upgrade and migration from Varian Medical Systems Aria 11 to Aria 13.