Jacobs Journal of Sports Medicine

Interrelations of Morphological Indicators with Hemodynamics in Young People Engaged in Various Sports

Published on: 2019-02-21


In the study, there were identified the features of interrelations of morphological indicators with hemodynamics in young people engaged in various sports and having the athletic skills from the 1st grade to sport master. Significant correlations were observed between hemodynamics characteristics and such morphological parameters as thickness of skinfold under shoulder blade, which had significant (p<0.05) negative correlations with stroke (r=-0.583) and enddiastolic blood index (r=-0.582), and positive correlations with the index of total peripheral vascular resistance (r=0.574), variability of the stroke volume (r=0.65) and filling rate (r=0.56). Hand circumference associated with diastolic (r=0.67) and mean arterial pressure (r=0.61). It is shown that the constitution of athletes is a significant factor in determining the characteristics of their hemodynamics.


morphological features, somatotype, hemodynamics, athletes