Jacobs Journal of Surgery

Intramural Hemorrhage of the Splenic Artery Aneurysm Mimicking Submucosal Tumor of the Stomach

Published on: 2014-08-25


Aneurysm of the visceral vessels are rare, however the mortality rate for such events are extremely high. The proper surgical intervention of this disease is important to achieve a positive outcome. The patient was reffered to our hospital complaining of severe epigastralgia gastrointestinal fiberscope showed an elevated lesion mimicking a submucosal tumor of the stomach. CT scan revealed impending rupture of splenic aneurysm severe collateral venous dilatation. We diagnosed it to be a large intramural hemorrhage of a splenic artery aneurysm. We performed the superselective microcoil embolization technique. The surgical intervention was successful without any complication. Although gastrofiberscopic examination showed a tumor-like lesion, we must be careful whether we perform a biopsy or not, and we must keep visceral aneurysm in our mind as differential diagnosis.


Splenic Aneurysm; Submucosal Tumor of the Stomach/Microcoil Embolization