Jacobs Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination

Efficacy of DAPPi2 -LR Canine Vaccine against Rabies and Leptospira Induced Clinical Signs, Mortality and Renal Carriage

Published on: 2018-12-28


Efficacy of the Leptospiral and rabies components of EURICAN DAPPi2 -LR, a canine combined vaccine, was demonstrated after a primary course of vaccination using one dose of EURICAN® DAPPi2 -L followed by one dose of EURICAN® DAPPi2 -LR. Challenges for leptospirosis (serovars Canicola and Icterohaemorrhagiae) were carried out in puppies 14 days after vaccination for the onset of immunity studies (OOI), in adults 13/14 months after vaccination for the duration of immunity studies (DOI), and for rabies in adults 13 months after vaccination. For OOIs, vaccination provided full clinical protection against severe Leptospira challenges and prevented renal carriage and detectable excretion of Leptospira in urine. For DOIs, clinical signs of leptospirosis were less severe in controls but were absent or mild and transient in vaccinated dogs, and urinary shedding was significantly reduced (frequency and duration). In addition, a single dose of EURICAN® DAPPi2 -LR induced rabies virus neutralizing antibodies in all dogs as early as 2 weeks post-vaccination and provided full protection in a rabies challenge performed after 13 months. Vaccine has a high efficacy profile with a quick onset of immunity as early as 2 weeks post vaccination, providing full protection against fatal leptospirosis caused by L. Canicola and L. Icterohaemorrhagiae and strong seroconversion against rabies. Long-term protection was also demonstrated by challenges performed 13/14 months post vaccination with reduction of mortality, clinical signs, infection, renal carriage, and bacterial excretion for Leptospira and protection against mortality and clinical signs for rabies.


Leptospira Canicola; Icterohaemorrhagiae; Rabies; Vaccine; Onset and Duration Of Immunity; Challenge