Jacobs Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination

Editorial Board

Hossein Ashrafi

Kingston University London, UNITED KINGDOM

Associate Professor of Pathology

Huanmin Zhang

Agricultural Research Service, UNITED STATES

Research Geneticist

Maria Kyrgiou

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, UNITED KINGDOM

Faculty of Medicine

Olga S Latinovic

University Of Maryland School Of Medicine, UNITED STATES

Assistant Professor

Philip J Smith

Institute For Clean And Secure Energy, UNITED STATES


Robert John Amato

University Of Texas Health Science Center, UNITED STATES


Shinobu Watarai

Osaka Prefecture University, JAPAN


Siyan Yi

Touro University California, UNITED STATES

Senior Research Fellow

Stuart P Adler

VCU School Of Medicine, UNITED STATES

Professor Emeritus

Zhu Xiaopeng

Carnegie Mellon University, UNITED STATES

Associate Professor