Jacobs Journal of Veterinary Science and Research

Assessment on Pre and Post Slaughter Hide and Skin Defects and Public Practice at Addis Ababa and Kera Market Abattior, Central Ethiopia

Published on: 2019-03-12


A cross sectional study was conducted from November 2017 to April 2018 at Addis Ababa abattoir and kera market place with the objectives of assessing pre and post hide and skin defects. The study was carried out through questionnaire survey and observational study. All the respondents were males. Among the respondents, 30.0% were not educated, 41.67% came from Oromia region and 32.0% of the respondents were farmers and 30 (50%) described the slaughter of animals at home and majority of them prefer sheep (25%) for slaughter. Twenty-nine (48.33%) of the respondents slaughtered animals by hanging on the pole, 18 (30%) used to preserve hide and skin. For preservation, 9 (15%) disclosed the use of salt, 6 (10%) sun draying, 3 (5%) both salt and sun draying preservation methods. Among the respondents 23 (38.33%) of respondent know the impact of storing hide and skin without preservation. From the respondents 18 (30.0%) there animals were affected by lice, 36 (60.00%), tick 6 (10.00%) and by both parasite. The hide and skin observational study revealed none of hide and skins were free from the defects in all the study ruminates except veininess goats. A total of 15.33%, 7.81%, 8.33%, 11.46%, 10.94%, 6.77 % and 5.21% skin defects were registered due to mechanical injury, tick, scar, brand, scratch, hair loss and veininess respectively as pre-slaughter skin and hide defects in examined animals. The present study also confirmed that a total of 32.81%, 19.27% and 11.98% hide and skin defects was observed due to Fly cut/hole, bruising and dirt respectively as post-slaughter defects in the examined animals. The hide and skin management problems that made at the time of per slaughtering and post slaughtering were the dominant problems that indicates the producers were not emphasize in keeping the quality of the hide and skin.


Addis Ababa; Defects; Hide And Skin; Pre-Slaughter; Post Slaughter