Jacobs Journal of Yoga and Natural Medicine

Yoga Improves Multiple Quality of Life Domains for People with Chronic Stroke

Published on: 2018-02-17


Objective: We assessed the impact of yoga on individual domains of quality of life (QoL).   Methods: This was a secondary data analysis of data from a randomized pilot study of yoga for people with stroke. Participants were randomized to an 8-week yoga (2x week) or control group and assessed at baseline and 8 weeks. Due to including multiple domains and a limited data set, α was set at .10. Results: Forty-seven people completed the study (37 in yoga). At 8 weeks, there was a significant difference in Mobility and Social Roles scores between groups (Mobility, yoga 4.22±.65vs control 3.43±.95, p=.007; Social Roles, yoga 3.21±1.18 vs. control 2.6±.68, p=.058). In the yoga group, significant improvement occurred in Language (p=.059); Mobility (p=.023); Family Roles (p=.035); and Energy (p=.078). Conclusion: Stroke is commonly treated by occupational therapists and yoga may be a modality to include as a beneficial aspect of therapy.


Occupational therapy, Quality of life, Stroke, Yoga