Journal Biochemie and Chemical Biology

Interdisciplinary Character of Biochemistry

Published on: 2018-11-12


Biochemistry is a frontier science with an interdisciplinary character. Biochemistry has close links with organic chemistry, which provides support for knowing the structure and properties of biomolecules. Analytical chemistry and physical chemistry provide biochemistry with methods of identifying, separating and characterizing biomolecules as well as kinetic and thermodynamic interpretation of biochemical reactions. Biochemical processes are carried out at cellular structures, so biochemistry interferes with molecular biology first and with morphology, which can also be approached from the aspect of structural element chemistry. The physiology raises a higher level of knowledge of the laws of life phenomena, and modern genetics has in fact become biochemical genetics, because it has created the basis for the codification of the hereditary message and has established relations between nucleic acids and protein biosynthesis as a premise of self– reproduction of living organisms.


Interdisciplinary character; Biomolecules; Biochemical processes; Physiology; Biochemical genetics.