Journal of Molecular Biomarkers and Clinical Trials

A Composite Biomarker Panel as a Highly Informative and Reliable Tool for Predicting Septic Complications

Published on: 2018-06-03


Due to growing antibiotic resistance and poor early diagnosis, sepsis remains a formidable infectious complication of many diseases, often leading to death. Immune quantitative formulas for prediction and septic complications diagnosis for burned patients have been developed and included as follow: systemic lymphocytes, natural killers, HLA-DR+ monocytes, IgG deficiency, excessive activation of leukocyte intoxication index (LII), CD64+ of granulocytes and shift of hematologic state to the left. They allow prediction of septic complication of burn disease from several days to two weeks before establishing disease.


Burns; Biomarkers; Immune Diagnostics; Prediction; Sepsis