Journal of Molecular Biomarkers and Clinical Trials

DNA Methylation on Interleukin- 6 Correlates with Weight Loss in Obese Women

Published on: 2018-09-06


Introduction:Obesity and its associated comorbidities are major health problems worldwide. Obesity is accompanied by a systemic low-grade inflammation with elevated blood-levels of inflammatory mediators like Interleukin-6. Interleukin-6 was described to be regulated by epigenetic mechanisms such as DNA methylation.

Methods:32 study participants finished a three months weight loss intervention. 16 individuals lost more than 5 % of their initial body weight, four men and twelve women. To avoid a gender bias only the blood samples of the 12 obese women who lost weight compared to 12 obese women without weight loss were analysed. The methylation levels of seven CpG-sites in the promoter and first exon of the Interleukin-6 gene were assessed using pyrosequencing.

Results:Three CpG-sites showed a significant higher methylation after the weight loss intervention in the responder group compared to the non-responder group. Weight loss and the initial methylation of two CpG-sites correlated negatively. Further, methylation changes of distinct CpGs correlated with the weight loss and the initial BMI.

Conclusion:In this study we found that weight loss influences patterns of CpG methylation on Interleukin-6. In this study, we revealed two CpG-sites which might be promising candidates for developing predictive biomarkers for weight loss response. Further studies are needed to support this findings.