Journal of Molecular Biomarkers and Clinical Trials

Why Should we Start Biomarker Study in Urine?

Published on: 2015-12-17


Firstly, urine has more changes. It is cruel that winner takes all. It happens in lots of games. It may happen in biomarker field too. It may not happen yet, because it has been hard to find any significant changes in blood, which can be used as candidate biomarkers. In urine it is not difficult to find changes, even though not all the changes are associated with the targeted pathophysiological condition. If we introduce a change into the blood, the homeostatic mechanisms will try hard to remove it from the blood. The change can then go to urine, breath, sweat and bile. Those are all greater places to find biomarker than blood. Urine is free from contamination, it is the ideal place to find biomarkers


Homeostatic mechanisms, Biomarker Study in Urine, Breath, Sweat, Bile