Nursing Studies and Patient Care

Is There Right to Healthcare? Should the United State adopt a System that Provides Entitlement to Necessary Services to all Citizens?

Published on: 2018-12-21


The right to healthcare is considered one of the key human rights. This right should be available for all individuals to obtain their maximum attainable physical and mental health as one of the fundamental values in our society, which is based on promotion of human dignity [1]. However, specific actions, policies and measures to ensure highest health standards for all segments of population, including the most disadvantaged ones, have been vaguely defined. An overall failure to conceptualize the issue of the basic right to health care in turn leads to shortage or lack of policies, regulations and scope that would ensure such right in real life [2]. The goal of the present research is to critically explore the variety of scientific, contextual and social factors contributing to the issue of the right to healthcare. Furthermore, this study will explore bioethical principles related to right to health debate and aim to understand the role of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) in solving conflict or problem situations related to the discussed debate. The current research argues that although careful analysis of the bioethical principles underlying the problem of the right to health suggest that latter is a basic human right, due to complex political and economic situation and healthcare inefficiencies, the United States cannot currently provide high quality healthcare to all individuals who cannot afford it.