Open Access Journal of Depression and Anxiety

Diabetes and Depression: An Unspeakable Tale: Double Attack On Human Health

Published on: 2019-03-22


Introduction In a framework of the extremely pandemic nature of both depression and diabetes mellitus, the depressing effects report-ed in cases of co morbidity, this assessment suggests that the association of the two situations is complicated. Increased risks of prevalent depression and incident depression among diabetic people have been reported in various community studies. Even more consistent psychosomatic hypotheses regarding, increased risk of diabetes among depressed patients. A latest relevant finding is the increased risk of diabetes reported in depression that is commonly found in the community, namely non severe, persistent, untreated depression. In view of the negative implications of the co-morbidity of depres-sion and diabetes, the implication that all clinically relevant cases of depression found in the community should be treated seems logical. However, new area of research seems compulsory to report the efficacy of treatment of depression and the safety of anti-depressant and anti-diabetics use in cases of co-morbidity


Anxiety; Diabetes mellitus; Depression; Hormones; Metabolic syndrome; Psychosis