Open Access Journal of Depression and Anxiety

Maternal Ambivalence and Post Natal Depression in A Mother Whose Child Has a Severe Brain Impairment

Published on: 2019-06-24


Post natal depression has been an object in several studies carried out among the European and American population. These researches indicate the devastating consequences that it generates, if it is not diagnosed and managed. The an-nouncement or the early detection of a mental handicap in a child within the Cameroonian context is one of the factors that trigger depressive suffering. Thus, we emit the following hypothesis: maternal ambivalence is at the origin of the patholo-gy as the process of elaboration does not coincide with the encounter of a different child and to accord him a real position. We present a case of a mother aged 32, having a child of 5 months who has severe brain impairment.


Child; maternal ambivalence; postnatal depression; severe brain impairment.