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Professional Consciousness and Teacher Motivation: Case of Contractualised Teachers of the West Region Region of Cameroon

Published on: 2019-08-29


This work entitled “Professional Consciousness and Teacher Motivation” is not the only aspect pertaining to the motivation of Grade One teacher in Cameroon. In fact, this research is simply an attempt amongst others in the handling of this particular case in time, which is the plight of contextualized teachers in Cameroon public primary schools.

Our reflection emanates from the discriminatory treatment amongst these teachers, by the Government, despite the fact that they received the same training and exercise their duties in the same capacity. By implication, these teachers are reticent, for being treated like second-class workers by the State unlike civil servants of the same qualification. It is on the basis of this situation that we asked whether different forms of motivation among contractualized teachers influence their professional consciousness. The objective of this study was thus to establish the relationship that exists between teacher motivation and professional consciousness; this objective was broken down into two others, which are:

     -To examine the influence of intrinsic motivation among contractualized teachers and their degree of professional consciousness;

-To investigate the impact of extrinsic motivation among contractualized teachers and their degree of professional consciousness.


Professional Consciousness; Teacher Motivation; Professional Engagement