Open Access Journal of Depression and Anxiety

Time, Intellect And Human Ego

Published on: 2019-04-15


Dear reader, with this article I will try to show the connection between time and intellect as I understand it. And by the way, the impact of the human ego in understanding this connectionNow you will see that not only you do not understand much of time, space and the like. I am one of them. But that will not prevent us from discussing such topics. This is so human, isn‘t it? And I think the accumulated ballast of knowledge is sometimes an insurmountable obstacle to perceiving qualitatively new ideas, so the lack of knowledge can help us understand the new idea I‘m considering below.So the term „time“? Among the most prominent people of science there are two views regarding time. One is that it is part of the fundamental structure of the universe, a real dimension in which events happen in succession. The other is that time does not refer to any real dimension, but is an intellectual concept that allows people to track, compare, and arrange events.


Time; Intellect; Human ego; Sequence of events; Supreme Intelligence