Volume 1  Issue 1

Volume 1  Issue 1



Genetic Engineering for Cellulosic Ethanol Production

Jingbo Li*

Cellulosic ethanol production has attracted more and more interests due to depletion of fossil fuels as well as global warming. However, there are still some challenges to be addressed to realize its industrial production economically and environmentally friendly.

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Research Article

Comparative Morphometry of Erythrocytes of Different Fish Species

Mesut Yilmaz*, Olgac Guven, Beria Falkali Mutaf

The study was conducted to determine morphometric characteristics of red blood cells (RBCs) of different fish species caught during trawl operations carried out between 20 – 600 m depth range in Antalya Bay, Turkey. Cell and nuclear sizes of RBCs of 11 fish species examined and measured. Variations in RBCs overall shapes and sizes were observed among the species.

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