Volume 1  Issue 2

Volume 1  Issue 2


Case Report

Adenoid Basal Carcinoma: A First Case Report and Literature Review from the Mainland of P.R. China

Haifeng Qiu*

Adenoid basal carcinoma is a rare neoplasm of the uterine cervix, which mostly occurred among postmenopausal women[1]. Firstly, Baggish and Woodruff described it in 1966 [2]. It accounts for less than 1% of all cervical adenocarcinomas.Up to now, there have been fewer than 100 reported cases of this disease [3]. However, maybe due to the linguistic problem,these data did not take cases from the mainland of P.R. China into consideration. Owning the largest population of the world (more than 1.3 billion), we believe it is worthy to study the epidemiologic and clinicopathologic features of adenoid basal carcinoma from China. Herein, we report a case of adenoid basal carcinoma in our hospital. Simultaneously, literatures for all other reports of this rare carcinoma in China are reviewed.      

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Mini Review

Bevacizumab and its Role in Ovarian Cancer Therapy

Nageswara Rao Alla* and Harika S. Polamarasetty

Ovarian cancer (OC) ranks seventh in the world and fifth in the United States as the cause of cancer death. About 90% of the ovarian cancers are epithelial ovarian cancers (EOC). Unlike other gynecological cancers, the cause of EOC is unknown. The lack of specific symptoms for EOC leads to a delay in diagnosis and results in women presenting with advanced stages of the disease.

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