Volume 2 Issue 1

Volume 2 Issue 1


Mini Review  

Legalization of Cannabis Recreational Use: Practical and Clinical Effects on Patients and Societies

Pedro Luis Prior*

Cannabis sativa and derived substances from this hallucinogen have been a part of human cultures for centuries, being used at initiation rituals and religious ceremonies. In the last two centuries there has been change in its use, through several tries in making it an over the counter medicine (in the 19th century, for treatment of coughs and respiratory illnesses), and as a recreational drug in the 20th and 21st century.

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Review Article

Provision of Treatment Services for Gambling Addicts in England: The Present and the Future

Sanju George*

In this mini review I will look at the current treatment provision for gambling addiction in England and its funding streams and commissioning mechanisms, and then suggest a model that, in my view,can be a better way forward. I will then briefly discuss some strategic changes that have to take place if this new proposed model is to work well.

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