Volume 4 Issue 3

Volume 4  Issue 3


Research Article

Comparison of Quality of Life Scores between Cigarette and Hookah Smokers: Findings from Isfahan Healthy Heart Program (IHHP)

Nafiseh Toghianifar*, Nizal Sarrafzadegan, Mojgan Gharipour

Hookah smoking is becoming increasingly popular in many countries, both in developed and developing countries, as a recent systematic review showed the prevalence of hookah smoking ranging from 5% to 33%, with the highest prevalence among youth. A study on patients with acute coronary syndrome showed that 38% of patients were smoker, with 1.4% hookah smoker and 3% smoking both cigarettes and hookah.

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Short Article

Nicotine and Cerebral Neurotransmission

Jacqueline Conway*

Nicotine is a co-factor in cerebral neurotransmission: one of its functions is the maintenance of the tonic level of hippocampal sensory gating. Its importance in this role is best exemplified by the excessively high rate of cigarette smoking in people who suffer from schizophrenia. Such people tend to consume more cigarettes, and attempt to extract the maximum nicotine dose from them.

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Research Article

Noncommercial Alcohol Drinking and Risk of Alcohol-Related Problems

Yury Razvodovsky*

In Belarus, the consumption of homemade spirits (samogon) and surrogate alcohol, also referred to as noncommercial alcohol, is somewhat common. It would be logical to assume that drinkers who consume samogon will differ in various aspects of drinking behavior from those who do not consume samogon. The aim of this study was to test this hypothesis. Using a structured interview, including questions regarding the prevalence of the use of alcohol surrogates, as well as the motives of its use, 329 men were surveyed in Grodno city.

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