Volume 5  Issue 1

June 2018

Volume 5  Issue 1


Research Article

Prediction of Fetal Macrosomia in Diabetic Pregnancies by Sonographic Measurement of Fetal Subcutaneous Fat Thickness

1Monica Schmidt-Fittschen

To compare the usefulness of abdominal circumference (AC), anterior abdominal wall thickness (AAW), soft tissue thickness and subcutaneous fat tissue thickness of the upper arm (HumST, HumSC) and thigh (FemST, FemSC) as well as the ratios of subcutaneous fat tissue thickness to humerus (HumSC/HL) and femur length (FemSC/FL) in predicting fetal macrosomia in pregnancies with gestational diet-controlled diabetes, gestational insulin-dependent diabetes, pre-gestational Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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Review Article

Validation of Hay/Ison Criteria for A Diagnosis of Bacterial Vaginosis Using an Air-Dried Wet Smear

Per-Göran Larsson1, Karin Breding1, Iris Vikström1, Jeanette Larsson Midwife1

Consensus has not yet been reached on the most optimal way of diagnosing bacterial vaginosis (BV). The most commonly used methods are the bedside test, Amsel’s diagnostic criteria, Gram-stained vaginal smears using the Nugent scoring system, or the Hay/Ison criteria. All the methods have limitations and therefore the need to identify a definitive validated method remains.

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